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There is nothing better in this world than good homemade bacon.

Carnivore Candystore DIY Bacon

1 – 1.5kg pork belly, skin off
100gr Carnivore Candystore Maple Bacon Rub 

Remove the skin from the pork belly and trim as desired

Rub the Carnivore Candystore Maple Bacon Rub into the pork belly and get a good coating over all sides

Option A – Glass Tray
Using a glass tray place the pork belly and any dry mix into the tray and cover well with cling film and place in the fridge
Option B – Plastic Bag
Using a large resealable plastic bag, place pork belly and dry mix into bag and seal, place on tray in fridge.

Allow the pork to cure for 5-7 days, turning over each day to ensure the liquid is being constantly redistributed over the meat.

Rinse the pork belly well under cold water and then dry the surface with paper towel. Place on a rack in the fridge uncovered to dry for minimum 4 hours until surface feels tacky.
 NOTE * You can finish the process here and you will have a great cured pork belly.

Option A – Using a Smoker
Heat your smoker to around 80oC and using damp wood chips (I have used peach wood) smoke the pork for approx 2-3hours or until it is firm and a golden smoked colour.
You are looking to reach an internal temperature of 67 – 72oC.
Option B – Using a Gas BBQ
Heat your BBQ on the highest setting, using foil, make a small tray/cup and add damp wood chips and place over BBQ heat source. Allow heat to start smoke being generated then turn BBQ to its lowest setting. Using a baking rack place pork in BBQ, close the lid and leave for 1/2 hour.  After the first 1/2 hour turn the BBQ off and leave for another 1/2 hour. After the first hour check the temperature of the BBQ and the pork.

Transfer the bacon to a wire rack and let it cool to room temperature. Then wrap in cling film and refrigerate overnight

Slice, dice and cook your home made bacon till the cows come home. Bacon makes everything taste better, home made bacon kicks it out of this world.
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