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Garlic Butterball Wings will be a hit at the

Garlic Butterball Chicken Wings


2kg chicken wings
olive oil
Generous Shake of Garlic Butterballs



Heat oven or BBQ to 180℃.
Wash chicken wings, breakdown to wingettes and drumettes and allow to partly dry.
Coat the chicken wings with drizzle of olive oil and season with plain salt.
Cook Chicken wings for 25-35 minutes, turning them over abour half way through the cook.
Remove from BBQ or Oven and shake a layer of Garlic Butterballs over wings and allow to sit and soak up the juices.
This will give you a sticky spicy glaze with an awesome hit of blue cheese and apple cider vinegar.
When the dust has absorbed the juice you are ready to serve the waiting crowds with lots of napkins.

Lick Smacking Goodness…mmmmmmmmmm

‘Juicy Wings will be a hit at BBQ’s, family gatherings and parties, may be a bit messy, but that is part of the fun’