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How to do the Brisket dance


  • 3-5kg Brisket
  • Peach Paper
  • 1/2 Cup BBQ Rub
  • 1/4 Cup Beef Stock


  1. Bring your smoker temp to around 120℃/250℉2. Start by trimming excess hard fat on top of your brisket give it a slight trim,leave some fat on, about a 1-1.5cm covering.3. Apply your rub, for this brisket I used Carnivore Candystore Black Magic, perfect for Brisket.Give a nice liberal coating, making sure to hit all sides of brisket.

    4. Smoke the brisket until you reach an internal temp of 76℃/165℉, but first touch the rub to see

    if it’s set on meat, if still wet and coming off, cook a little longer but if dry, it’s time to wrap.

    5. Wrap your brisket in Butchers paper or Peach paper with splash of beef stock.

    6. Then put the brisket back in smoker until you reach an internal of 95℃ /205℉.

    7. Now this is the most important thing when cooking brisket, even though it’s hit the right temps,

    you need to make sure it’s perfectly cooked by probing for softness. I like to use a toothpick or

    small skewer so it doesn’t poke big holes everywhere. Probe in multiple spots. If it slides in with

    little resistance, it’s ready, if you are really trying to push it in, cook brisket longer until it probes soft.

    8. Now it’s time to rest your brisket (still wrapped up) in an esky wrapped in an old towel, ideally for

    at least an hour – I like to leave it for 2 hours or more.

    9. Then slice your brisket remembering to always slice across the grain.

    TIPS – Best tip for brisket is to trust the temperature and then probe to get the best results.

Download a copy of the Brisket Recipe Card