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Beautiful juicy pulled beef for many family recipes, tacos, lasagne or loaded potatoes


  • 2kg Beef Blade Roast
  • 1tbsp Olive Oil
  • 1/4 Cup BBQ Rub
  • 1 Cup Beef Stock


  1. Lightly trim beef of any excess hard fat.
  2. Apply your favourite rub, you don’t need to use a binder for your rubs, just a slight dash of olive oil is fine rubbed onto beef surface before rub application. We used Allrounder BBQ Rub.
  3. Set smoker/oven/bbq to temperature of 250℉ /120℃ and cook beef until internal temp of roughly around 165℉/76℃, before you wrap meat.
  4. This is where it gets good! Grab a tray that is good size fit for the beef you are cooking, not too large, and add a cup of hot beefstock, enough to fill bottom of tray and then place your meat in, then wrap tray. This allows for good moisture in your meat for final process.
  5. When meat reaches and internal temp of 205℉/96℃ check for softness.
  6. Get a toothpick and probe meat in multiple spots, if meat is soft with minimal resistance when probing, your meat is done. If still little hard keep cooking until it probes tender.
  7. When meat is done, let a little steam out of tray to stop the cooking process (just a few minutes) then wrap tray up, and place in an esky(this helps to keep meat warm during rest) or wrap tray in towel, for at least an hour.
  8. Now you are ready to pull the beef into tasty shreds of goodness, put the beef through all those tray juices that it’s been sitting in.


  • Beautiful juicy pulled beef for many family recipes, tacos, lasagne or loaded potatoes.
  • Beef will handle strong flavours so use a punchy flavour packed rub.

Download a copy of the Pulled Beef Recipe Card