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Taco's - the perfect vehicle to get Low'n Slow from the plate to your mouth

Smokin Lamb Taco


Lamb Oyster
Chicken Stock
Masa Taco
Carnivore Candystore Smokin Herb’n Garlic


Rub Lamb oyster in mayonnaise and then season with Carnivore Candystore Smokin Herb’n Garlic rub.
Smoke at 121℃ for 3 hours then place in a high tray and boat in chicken stock and honey, wrapped tight for 4 hours until probe tender. Rest and pulled for tacos.

Pulled Lamb Oyster seasoned with CC Smokin Herb ‘N Garlic served on homemade masa tacos with goats feta and salad. Served with honey and herb pan fried potatoes on the side.

Recipe and image thanks to Dean Monke – Greatest Meats and Eats